Veterinary Service

Pet Wellness Exams

At Caravan Vet, we believe that regular check-ups are the foundation of good health.

Pet wellness examination

Pet Wellness Exams

Why choose a house-call practice for your pet’s veterinary care? We believe house call visits are less stressful for you and your pet and that we can better understand your pet’s unique health and behavior concerns by visiting them at home.

We are passionate about your pet’s health and forging a partnership with you. From puppy and kitten visits to helping to keep your senior in tip-top shape, we love being a part of the special bond you share with your pet!

Every visit starts with a comprehensive review of your pet’s medical history and a conversation with you to address any questions you may have about your pet’s health or behavior. Once we have examined your pet, we will collect lab samples and perform additional screening tests based on your pet’s age and lifestyle.