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We have two elderly cats who, understandably, don’t want to leave the house. Having Caravan Vet come to us has been wonderful! Everyone we’ve interacted with from Caravan has been so gentle and caring with our sweet senior cats. I highly recommend them!

Sharyn M.

I am always impressed by the care Caravan Vet takes in working with my really anxious dog. They come right to our house and have very efficient appointments, so my dog does not have to be nervous for longer than necessary. They helped with a broken hip, anxiety, and several other problems, and he is in great health now. We highly recommend Caravan Vet!

Rebecca F.

These are some of the best vets around and their home service is really great. They have taken care of two cats for me so far and I will keep using their services as long as I can! Very knowledgeable and kind animal lovers. Tigra approves.

Isaac R.

I’ve been using Caravan vet for the past 12+ years. Dr. Krista and Dr. Elizabeth and all of Team Amazing always provide the best care for my cats. They are kind and attentive and have the best interest of the cats at heart. Best of all, I love that they come to me since my cats don’t travel well. I highly recommend them!

Dora K.

Caravan Vet is FABULOUS. Setting aside the convenience factor (which is great), they are so patient and accommodating with my pup who is very afraid of the vet. When situations pop up, they are always quick to respond and are very helpful. All the staff are friendly, informative, and very, very helpful. I have nothing but good things to say about them! We switched to Caravan after a less great experience somewhere else, and have no regrets.

Libby G.

I highly recommend Caravan Vet. My cat has received excellent care and I’ve received excellent information and communication with each visit. I especially like that my pet can be observed by Dr. Krista in my home so that her symptoms can be seen in her own setting which gives me confidence that her health is seen in the greater context. I am thankful that we found Caravan Vet!

Suzy M.

Caravan Vet is awesome! Dr. Christa and Natalie were amazing with our senior, skittish and very scared cat. We were very nervous, unsure of how to help our elderly cat who hadn’t been to a vet since she was a kitten. Dr. Christa was very understanding and worked her magic on her. They are extremely compassionate and able to work with you to give your cat (or dog) the best care possible.

Mariana L.

Dr. Christa and “Team Wonderful” led me through adopting 2 kittens during the Pandemic — after Dr. Christa diagnosed my case of “Kitten Fever” and assured me that there was a cure: adopting 2 kittens! It’s a joy to have such a kind and competent team caring for my beloved pets, I can’t recommend them highly enough!

Kathleen F.

Compassionate veterinary care for you and your animal companions. I love that the entire team works with you to determine the best care plan, is very communicative in laying out all the options, and is supportive of your decisions. Our three dogs love inviting the team into our home, showing off their favorite toys, and relaxing in their favorite dog bed during the exam. The dogs always greet the team with tail wags and kisses.

Kenz B.

Everything about Caravan Vet is top tier: the quality, ease of scheduling and ordering prescriptions, the friendly staff, and the mobile clinic itself. Dr. Elizabeth is kind and knowledgeable, and she provides excellent care to my senior cats. It’s a relief not to have to subject my pets to the stress of driving to exams. I highly recommend Caravan Vet to anyone looking for a compassionate, professional vet who will love your pets as much as you do!

Caitlin S.