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Veterinary Services

Veterinary Services in Minneapolis, MN

We think that your pet shouldn’t have to leave home to receive excellent veterinary care. Our mobile clinic is fully equipped with everything we need to provide excellent medical, surgical, and dental care.

Meet our Team

Our knowledgeable veterinary team is dedicated to making it easy for you to take the best care of your pet.

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Pet wellness exams

Why choose a house call practice? We believe home visits are less stressful for you and your pet. We can also better understand your pet’s unique health and behavior concerns by visiting them at home.

Pet Dentistry

So many pets suffer needlessly from oral pain that can be easily treated. If your pet has bad breath, red gums, or missing or broken teeth, we can help.

Pet medical exams

When your pet isn’t feeling well, we can often perform the diagnostics and treatments necessary to get them feeling better without the need for them to ever leave home.


Reviews of our Veterinary Practice

We love our patients and clients. Thank you for the trust you place in us!

We have two elderly cats who, understandably, don’t want to leave the house. Having Caravan Vet come to us has been wonderful! Everyone we’ve interacted with from Caravan has been so gentle and caring with our sweet senior cats. I highly recommend them!

Sharyn M.

These are some of the best vets around and their home service is really great. They have taken care of two cats for me so far and I will keep using their services as long as I can! Very knowledgeable and kind animal lovers. Tigra approves.

Dame E.

I am always impressed by the care Caravan Vet takes in working with my really anxious dog. They come right to our house and have very efficient appointments, so my dog does not have to be nervous for longer than necessary. They helped with a broken hip, anxiety, and several other problems, and he is in great health now. We highly recommend Caravan Vet!

Rebecca F.