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Senior Pet Care

We have a special passion for older pets and are committed to working with you to provide the best care possible as your pet ages.

Senior Pet Care in Minneapolis, MN

The best way to keep your senior pet healthy and happy is to schedule regular exams with your veterinarian. The sooner we’re able to detect disease or discomfort, the more we can do to keep your pet comfortable.

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Senior Pet Care

Chronic diseases such as kidney failure, thyroid disease, and arthritis become much more common as cats and dogs age.

Our goal is to work with you to help you take the best possible care of your pet as they get older. This often involves finding creative solutions for medication administration, pain management, and environmental modification. Because we come to your home, we are able to develop a deep understanding of your pet’s surroundings and the challenges you face in caring for them.

We believe that every pet deserves to be as comfortable and happy as possible as they age. By working closely with you, we are often able to improve both quality and length of life, even with challenging diagnoses.